Giza Plateau: Cairo, Egypt

I can hear the gasps of disbelief already, “The Pyramids? At number two!?” Yes, sorry to say, as amazing as these are, the fact remains that certain aspects detract from sites

, these aspects being the constant hassling one can expect to endure the entire time while there, and the french rap band I had to listen to while trying to have a poignant experience in the shadow of the Sphinx. Aside from that though, yeah, this is a jaw-dropping place.

A camel ride around the plateau is highly recommended, as there is a lot of ground to cover. What sticks with me concerning these monuments is how surreal they appear when viewed from a distance. They are just so huge, so out of place, so fantastic, that it’s hard to grasp the reality of their existence. But yet, they’re real, and utterly mind-blowing. A bribe will get you halfway up the smallest of the three pyramids, and for twenty bucks you can go inside the Great Pyramid, just make sure you’re in shape and don’t suffer from claustrophobia. It’s a tight fit.