Jerusalem, Israel

Where to begin? From the massive gates to the Via Dolorosa, from the Holy Sepulchre to the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem richly abounds in historical, archeological, and religious significance.

It’s no wonder then, that even in January, tourists were everywhere. Here you can touch the Western Wall, the last remnant of Judaism’s 2nd Temple, gape in awe of the shimmering Dome of the Rock, or stand in the very spot where the cruxuficion of Christ occurred. It seems there is hardly any end to the sites of interest that Jerusalem holds, and thanks to the fervent work of archaeologists, more sites are being discovered every year. One word of advice though, Jerusalem is expensive, and though you may be tempted to chintz on the sleeping accomodations, I would advise against it. My hostel was a disgusting, cluttered flea-trap, and waking up with hives on your face is no way to start a vacation. Consider yourself warned.