Karnak Temple: Luxor, Egypt

On and on it went, one stupendous pillar, obelisk or statue after another. Most likely built by Seti I, the gargantuan Karnak Temple that visitors see today is but one of four precincts comprising the entire complex.

Particularly impressive was the Great Hypostyle Hall, a veritable forest of papyrus columns that, although it seems hard to believe, cover an area of 7200 square yards, large enough to contain the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Karnak is located in Luxor, the capital city of Ancient Egypt during the 11th and 18th dynasties, when it was know as Thebes, and boy, it shows. Although we visited many, Karnak by far the most impressive temple I saw. From top to bottom almost every square inch was inscribed with hieroglyphs. Towering obelisks pierce the sky, accompanied by the collosal icons of pharoahs long past, wearing faces of menacing solidity.