Petra, Jordan

My time spent here was two of the best days of my life, and for good reason. I had two new friends to hike with, the weather was perfect, and solitude is easy to find here.

It’s not exactly easy to get to Petra, and some of the best spots, “The Monastery”, for instance, are only accesible by either a taxing hike, or an equally uncomfortable donkey ride. But for someone who loves to hike, this place can’t be beat. There’s just no end to the trails, slot canyons and ruins one can see and experience here.

I felt less like a tourist at Petra, and more like an adventurer, especially after my Swiss friend and I traversed a flooded slot canyon that supposedly, could not be traversed. I suppose the feeling of accomplishment that accompanied me in my time spent at Petra is a great factor in its number one ranking, but it goes far beyond that. The colors, the smells, the sounds of silence, so many aspects of this site assaulted my senses, and few other places on this list instilled in me a desire to remain. This place is simply magical.